Napoli Sofa - White/Grey 3+2 Set


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This contemporary three and two seater sofa set is perfect for an ultra-modern living space. Designed to match the natural curvature of the body, The Napoli is perfect for stretching out and relaxing. A great addition for those wanting to modernise their home!

Dimensions: Length: 198 x 162 cm
Depth: 93 cm
Height: 87 cm
Floor to Seat Height: 43 cm
Floor to Armrest Height: 55 cm
Back Rest Height: 50 cm
Seat Depth: 55 cm
Seat Width: 198 cm

Highlights: ✓ Solid Wood Frame
✓ Ergonomic Design
✓ Foam-filled Seat Cushioning
Napoli Sofa - White/Grey 3+2 Set
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